Advantages at a glance:

  • Ease of use: easy to use
  • Range of application: Small / Medium / Larger rooms
  • Special Features: Noise Cancelling, Echo Cancelling, Shure Network Audio Encryption.


The MXA310 table microphone array is a table microphone, which allows to hold conferences and the like in perfect sound quality.

The system is room-independent and can thus be used in various areas. Whether it’s a large boardroom, small huddle room or multipurpose space, the MXA310 integrates into any room with ease.

Among other features, the solution offers four individually configurable directional characteristics. The automatic mixing function allows many voices to be recorded simultaneously, or you can focus on one or two voices.

Using Shure’s innovative proprietary toroidal polar pattern, the MXA310 focuses heavily on capturing voice from the table and reliably filters out ambient noise from above, such as fans and the like.

It also connects easily and seamlessly with other products in Shure’s extensive networking portfolio.

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