Fuze App

Advantages at a glance

  • Fuze Cloud Telephony: Make inexpensive calls using the Fuze App. Use only one phone number to reach you on your desk phone, smartphone and PC. Which means that you can use your existing phone number for every scenario. No matter where you are, Fuze will always provide you with the best phone rate.
  • Fuze Messaging (1:1 and Team): Create virtual project rooms for your teams and invite team members. Exchange project-specific information, save files and work on them together. Integrate your existing collaboration solutions into Fuze (e.g. Salesforce, Office 365).
  • Fuze Video Meetings (1:1 and Team): Join a team meeting via video from any device via Fuze App or a video conferencing system. Share your desktop, share files and work together.

The Fuze App has been designed to help organisations to collaborate across their sites. With collaboration in mind, Fuze allows you to communicate via voice, video and chat, across all devices.

The Fuze App can either be used as a standalone, which enables you to use the Video/Audio and Chat functionalities. Or be used as a part of the Fuze Calling solution, which expands the usage to being able to make and receive phone-calls. Both solutions are tightly integrated and so can be used seamlessly together.

The Video solution enables you to host meetings with up to 1,000 participants with dynamic screen and content sharing. For these larger meetings you also have full control over the participants in a meeting and can for example mute and unmute users if required.

The Team Messaging allows you to either chat to your colleagues in a 1:1 conversation or set up groups in order to communicate more effectively across multiple people. You can also integrate the chat together with Google or Microsoft Calendar.

The Fuze Solution has a high degree of analytics, which gives you an insight into how the solution is being used and adopted by your teams. This can help you to understand where there might be gaps in your communication platform or gain an understanding of which features are working or not.

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