Cisco Webex Teams App

Advantages at a glance

  • Cisco Webex Teams: (Also used to be known as Cisco Spark) Is a collaboration tool companies of all sizes. It allows you to do video conferencing, team messaging, cloud telephony as well as integration into existing tools. Cisco Webex Teams can be used on different platforms (PCs, Laptops, Smartphones). The features of the solution are also customisable to the needs of the company.
  • Webex Teams Video-Meetings (1:1 and Team): Join a meeting from any Endpoint using the Webex Teams App, or your Cisco Webex teams, videoconferencing systems. You can share your desktop, exchange data and work collaboratively on them. You can send meeting invites using your existing Collaboration tools (i.e. Outlook).
  •  Webex Teams Telephony (1:1 and Team): Join Webex Teams project meetings, using your Smartphone or telephone. Synchronise your Webex Teams contact lists and your history using your smartphone or your Cisco IP phone.
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