1. December 2020


Videoconferencing solutions from Lifesize: Powerful, interoperable and intuitive to use

In terms of quality, the video-centric Lifesize Cloud solution is superior to most competitors in direct comparison. The unique combination of a powerful and yet low consumption bandwidth cloud infrastructure, coupled with the integrated professional Lifesize Icon video conferencing systems ensures for very good connection quality. The excellent sound quality of the Lifesize Phone HD puts most competitors in the shade especially. Besides, video conferencing solutions from Lifesize are characterized by a good price-performance ratio.

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Lifesize was the first manufacturer to introduce an HD video conferencing system to the market and continued to influence the video conferencing industry several times after that as well. Today Lifesize continues to pioneer video conferencing technology. The Lifesize solution enables extremely flexible and simple communication, no matter when and where: at the desk, in the meeting room or on the road.



The portfolio ranges from systems for offices and small meeting rooms to systems for large auditoriums, covering the entire spectrum of video conferencing hardware. To take full advantage of the Lifesize solutions, we recommend that our customers combine Lifesize hardware with Lifesize’s flexible and powerful cloud video conferencing infrastructure.


Flexible and scalable licensing

The flexible and scalable Lifesize Cloud licensing model maps your current user structure as realistically and individually as possible – so that you pay exactly what you need. Licenses and functionalities are only purchased when they are needed. Optionally, functionalities such as recording, archiving and streaming of training courses and video conferencing can be added. Recording and streaming are available as a cloud service or for your own data centre as a Lifesize Video Center (Vmware).



Lifesize is a standards-based video conferencing solution (SIP/H323) and therefore compatible with the standards-based video conferencing solutions or video conferencing systems of other manufacturers (e.g. Polycom, Cisco, Starleaf, Sony, Avaya, etc.). Furthermore, the Lifesize Cloud solution enables users on all end devices to interact with Skype for Business / Lync. The Lifesize Cloud solution offers the possibility to integrate customers & partners without a video conferencing system via unlimited free cloud guest access. Participants can participate in video conferences via free apps or clients as well as via WebRTC directly from their browser. Furthermore, telephone participants can dial into their Lifesize Cloud Meetings, so that video and telephone conferences become one. There are local dial-in numbers for telephone participants in over 60 countries.


Intuitive operating concept

One focus of Lifesize’s development strategy is the user-friendliness of the solution, whether on the smartphone or in the conference room. Lifesize solutions are therefore characterised by an intuitive operating concept that is consistent across all end devices. Which means that it is perfectly suitable for users with no technical affinity.


Low administrative effort & costs

Lifesize’s low administration and automated updates relieve your IT department. Besides, the solution is characterised by a good price-performance ratio.


Data security and performance

The highly secure IBM Softlayer data center in combination with the stable Lifesize Cloud architecture provide unique stability and quality for the video conferencing solution and ensures the security of your company data through encryption of the video connections.

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