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The benefits of the Lifesize Cloud:

The Lifesize Cloud solution allows you to collaborate using your Laptop, Smart Devices and Room systems all at once. As such, you can have a 300-way video call and can blend between video calls and audio calls depending on where your users are.

One of the things that makes the Lifesize Cloud unique is its ability to share 4k content. This is especially important if your teams need to be extremely detail orientated. Or if you want to highlight the quality of your work/content.

For users outside the organisation, you can utilise the unlimited guest invites. This feature means that all you need to do is send the invite link to the person you want to invite, and they will be able to instantly join your meetings.

Thanks to its open standards, the Lifesize cloud can also be integrated into an environment that utilises many different solutions with ease.

For those important meetings you can stream and record. This means that you can broadcast your events live for up to 10,000 concurrent users. Afterwards you can make the recording available for anyone who might have missed it.

You can also provide Audio-only dial in options. This means, that you can access toll-free dial-in options for more than 60 countries.

All the meetings that you hold are also highly secure. Lifesize Cloud automatically encrypts all your meetings by default, which means that security is not optional.

As such, the web-based Admin Console of the Lifesize Cloud gives you the unique ability to manage and control your meetings. The overview feature gives you the ability to analyse each rooms utilisation individually.


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For users wanting to try the solution, you can utilise Lifesize Go on all your devices today, for free. With this free version of the solution you can host 8-way conversations for as long as you want.

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