The solution from Zoom is a centralized cloud solution, that offers you and your users’ high availability and security. Zooms solution can also be used across all of your platforms, be it Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android. You can also easily collaborate, be it meetings or team messaging. With Zoom Phone, you can easily switch from one to the other, without having to end your call.  

Zoom offers you

  •  Intelligent Call Management
  • Integration with tools like O365, Salesforce.com and Google G-Suite
  • Call Recording
  • If required, integration with existing telephony providers
  • Migration without having to change telephone numbers
  • Central Management of your Zoomphone environment, from the performance to diagnostics. 

The Zoomphone solution is the ultimate all-in-one collaboration tool for businesses. It combines all the important areas: Telephony, Video, Meetings and chat into one. You can easily decide how you would like to communicate and escalate between the different options easily.

It can also be used on most platforms, which means that you can communicate from your mobile, but then easily switch to your desktop when you get into the office. Teammembers can also add and remove users from your meetings on the go. Utilising this means that you no longer need to end a meeting just to dial into a separate conference bridge.

It also means that you can significantly reduce the amount of time that is required to start a meeting or telephone conference.

The solution also helps you to work more effectively, thanks to its integration with Salesforce.com, O365 and the Google G-Suite.

For the calling features you can keep your existing contracts and tariffs. You can also use Zoomphone without having to port your numbers, which makes for an easy migration to a leading platform.

What you also get is a global but consolidated solution, that allows you to communicate in nearly every country.

Your admins can expect an intuitive yet detailed management dashboard, which lets you understand the quality and functionality of your Zoomphone calls and meetings. You can also see how your users are utilising the solution, which helps you plan where you might need to increase or decrease functionalities.

Above this, you can also identify issues on the platform and download the information making it a lot easier to troubleshoot potential issues

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