Lifesize Room 220
Lifesize Room 220
2. March 2018

Lifesize Team 220

Lifesize Team 220

Advantages at a glance

  • Area of application: Medium and large video conference rooms
  • Camera: 1080p30 video resolution, 10x optical zoom, 70° horizontal field of view
  • Microphony: Powerful Lifesize Phone HD 2nd Generation with integrated touchpad for intuitive usage, optionally two additional Digital MicPod microphones can be connected to the Phone HD
  • Integrated MCU: Multipoint conference bridge for video conferencing (MCU) for four remote endpoints integrated into the video conferencing system
  • Dual Display: Connection of up to 2 displays for parallel full-screen output of video conference counterpart and presentation is an option.
  • Special features: Speaker integrated into the Phone HD 2nd Generation for impressive audio quality

The all-rounder with an integrated multipoint conference bridge

The powerful Lifesize Team 220 is an HD room system with an integrated Multi Control Unit (MCU) with the option of 1- and 2-monitor installations. In contrast to the Lifesize Express 220, the integrated MCU allows up to three additional systems to be connected in a video conference. If an installation with two displays is selected, video conference and presentations, calculations, construction plans, etc. can be shown at the same time. This in turn increases the work productivity. In combination with an optional ISDN module, the Lifesize 220 team can connect the IP and ISDN videoconferencing spheres into a conference.

The Lifesize Team 220 captivates with its HD quality. Even with relatively low bandwidths. It does this through particularly powerful picture improvement algorithms. The Lifesize Team 220 delivers 720p60 and 1080p30 HD resolutions. A loss-free sending of all video and audio data to the selected output media is guaranteed by the purely digital data processing.

The Lifesize Phone HD 2nd generation or Lifesize MicPod microphones can be connected to the system as well as different HD camera systems. Like all Lifesize systems, the LS Team 220 is distinguished by its intuitive operability and compatibility with systems from other manufacturers.

Application scenario: The Lifesize Team 220 is ideally suited as a powerful point-to-point system and central multi-point system for medium-sized and large conference rooms.

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