Lifesize Icon 700

Lifesize Icon 700

Advantages at a glance

  • Premium Video Conferencing experience
  • 4K Content sharing and 4K Video quality: Incomparable Full-motion content sharing in 4k and 4k Video quality
  • Cloud-first Design
  • Flexibility: Optional expansion to a Dual-Display
  • Lifelike Meetings: A high performance, 20-times zoom, and a high-quality camera lense offer incredible picture quality and an impressive meeting experience
  • Microphony: High-performance Lifesize Phone HD with integrated Touchscreen for intuitive usage
  • Special Features: Integrated speakers in the Phone HD allow for excellent audio quality
  • Area of application: Small to medium video conferencing rooms

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Meetings in 4k quality with the Lifesize Icon 700: The premium Cloud-based video conferencing experience for your conference room

The Lifesize Icon 700 was specially designed for the cloud-based services of Lifesize and is the premium solution of the 4k capable portfolio of Lifesize. Lifelike 4k Video quality, content sharing in ultra-high resolutions, exceptional audio quality and a high-performance camera zoom allow for an incomparable conference room experience.

The Icon 700 Video conferencing system allows for an impressive 4k content and brilliant 4k video conference quality. Every detail can be seen, thanks to a high performance 20- times zoom camera, with a high-quality lens. This means that even with lower lighting, you will still receive a good picture quality.

The combination of the Icon 700, Lifesize Phone HD and Lifesize Cloud gives users the option for a complete conference and collaboration experience with many additional practical features.

We recommend the Lifesize Icon 700 for medium and large meeting rooms, as well as boardrooms, in which 4k content sharing and 4k video conferencing allow for an optimal video conferencing experience.

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