Cisco Webex Share

Cisco Share

Advantages at a glance

Cisco Webex Share Enables high-quality wireless screen sharing for any HDMI display. Connected to the Webex cloud, the solution transforms any display into a Webex device which means that you can join a meeting and share your content without having to be in the room.

The Cisco Webex Share is a solution that has been designed to give businesses an affordable way to share content. The Cisco Webex Share is a palm-sized device that enables you to share content without the use of cables/dongles wirelessly.

With the device you can decide what you would like to share. This could be your entire screen or a specific app, giving you freedom to chose what participants can or cannot see. The solution from Cisco is intuitive to use and install. When plugged in to any display, the Cisco Share will automatically greet you and show you your upcoming meetings. Through one click you can then join your meetings or share content.

The Cisco Webex share can be paired with either Webex Meetings or the Webex Teams app, making it easier to consolidate your collaboration solutions.

What the solution also does is enable your remote team members. You can allow members to share their content regardless of if they are physically present in the meeting or not.

For the admins, the solution gives you easy central management and insightful analytics. This means that you can easily track the adoption of the solution and plan how you need to organise your future recourses in your meeting areas.

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