Poly Sync 60

Poly Sync 60

Advantages at a glance 

  • Areas of application: Home office all the way to large conference rooms
  • Speakers: Integrated speakers with HD sound quality
  • Usability: Touch-enabled keys, individually programmable keys, call and volume keys
  • Video conference connection: Connection to various conference systems possible
  • Microphone: 3 m recording radius deisgned for rooms up to 6 x 6m
  • Connection options: Via Bluetooth 5.0 or via USB/USB-C

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The new Poly Sync 60

  • The new Poly Sync 60 solution is an all-in-one speaker from Poly. The device has integrated speakers and microphones. The device is perfectly designed home office use, all the way to larger conference rooms. Its speakers provide crystal clear sound and strong bass, so you can hear everything in very good quality.
  • The microphones of the Poly Sync 60 provide perfect recording quality and with the built-in echo and noise cancellation, interfering noise sources are eliminated, and clear communication is made a lot easier
  • The various buttons provide easy management of the system. There are buttons to control the volume, answer or end calls. The Rocket button can be individually programmed to launch, for example, the Zoom or Microsoft Teams app with the push of a button.
  • The solution can be easily connected and used, using a laptop or smartphone. To be able to provide crystal clear sound and excellent quality even in large conference rooms, there is the option to wirelessly connect two Poly Sync 60s with eachother.
  • The device is protected by a water-resistant and dust-resistant housing, meaning it can also be used on the go and as such, it comes with a travel bag.
  • You can also wirelessly charge your smartphone using the Sync 60 Speaker.
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