Poly Studio P21

Poly Studio P21

Advantages at a glance 

  • Application area: Home office, Small individual offices
  • Speakers: Integrated speakers, HD sound quality
  • Display: 21.5 inch LCD display, Full HD screen resolution
  • Camera: Full HD video quality, 80° degree recording angle, autoframing
  • Usability: Microsoft Teams and Zoom App buttons, contactless charging of mobile devices, mute function
  • Microphony: Noise cancelling, Echo cancelling

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The new Poly Studio P21

The new Poly Studio P21 is a personal meeting display from Poly. The system includes a 21.5-inch display with an integrated full HD camera and microphones.  It also has built in speakers which help to ensure a great level of quality.

The camera has a full HD resolution and auto framing. This means that the speaker is automatically put in the right light and  position and the camera tracks the user when there is movement. The field of view is 80° which means that it is ideal for the use in smaller use. In combination with the 4x electronic zoom, it is also possible to move further away from the screen at any time.

The MEMS microphone provides excellent recording quality and is supported by noise-canceling and echo canceling functions. Thus, you will always be well understood by your conversation partners. The two speakers convince with a crystal-clear stereo quality and can be used perfectly when you don’t have a headset available.

To protect your privacy, it is possible to cover the camera with a manual cover flap. This allows you to decide when you want to be or not be seen.

The display has an ambient lighting function, which means that you are well exposed and visible even in darker environments. There is also a wireless charging station at the base of the stand, which allows you to charge your phone without contact. The monitor also has volume buttons and a mute function. There is also a programmable button that can launch Zoom or Microsoft Teams, for example. Other programs can also be assigned.

The solution is specially certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Apps. However, the solution can be used for other applications that are USB/UVC based. Through the Poly Lens Desktop interface, it is also possible to save and manage individual settings. Through this app, updates can be downloaded to keep the device always up to date. In addition, the cloud storage option exists via the Poly Lens service.

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