Poly C60

Poly C60 Audiokonferenz

Advantages at a glance 

  • Range of application: Scalable to most room sizes
  • Speakers: Integrated speakers with HD sound quality
  • Usability: Gesture-based, multi-touch capable  touchscreen
  • Video conferencing connectivity: Connectivity to various conferencing systems is possible
  • Microphones: 360° recording with three MEMS microphones and a 6 m recording radius
  • Connectivity options: Via Bluethooth 5.0 or via USB, mobile devices can be connected

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The new Poly Trio C60

Bringing people together, this is what the Poly Trio C60 can do. Thanks to Poly’s renowned audio quality, this newest member to the Trio series brings years of development with it and many useful features.

  • The NoiseBlockAI technology recognises and suppresses distracting background noises during a conference, making the speech of participants clearer with fewer interruptions.
  • Thanks to the built-in 3 MEMS microphones with 360° recording and a recording radius of up to 6 meters, the Trio C60 can be used many different rooms. It can cna also be fitted with additional expansion microphones, to increase the radius.
  • The Trio C60 can be used as a stand-alone audio conference system or conference phone. You can also use the device to expand your video conference systems, to use it as a speaker, microphone or control panel for your meetings.
  • The Trio C60 can be connected to your mobile phones/tablets and laptops via Bluetooth/cable. This allows important calls and conversations to be brought into a conference room with minimal effort.
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