Poly & MS Teams Small/Medium Rooms

Advantages at a glance

  • Area of use: Small and medium rooms
  • Camera: Poly Studio 
  • Speakers: Integrated speakers with HD quality
  • Usability: Poly GC8 Touch Controller
  • Microphones: Built in microphones
  • Camera: 4 K Resolution, Autoframing
  • PC: Dell/Lenovo

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The Poly Small and Medium Room Bundle

The Poly Small and Medium Room Bundle is designed for classic conference rooms, where you need a high-quality video conferencing solution together with great visual quality in combination with Microsoft Teams.

  • The Poly Studio is an all-in-one video bar, with integrated Camera, Microphone and Speakers. The camera has a 4k resolution, which means that everyone can see you in a high quality. The one-of-a-kind Auto framing means, that all of the participants can be seen positioned perfectly and in the right/largest size. The noise blocking technology of the system means that annoying background noises are filtered out and people on the other side of the conference can focus on what the active speaker is saying.
  • With the GC8 Touch device, you can easily start and join conferences and is often just the matter of a press of a button.
  • The Dell/Lenovo PC which is connected to the system and the touch pad has MS Teams already installed, which means that you just have to connect the right cables and you are ready to start.
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