How much potential does the digitalization of your company have?

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Your individual digitalization check

The digitalization of the workplace is considered as the industrial revolution of the 21st century. However, in terms of their financial resources, companies need to assess which workplace technologies suit them. This is where the Vistafon digitalization check helps: Based on your information on the types of collaboration in your company and central company-related conditions, you will receive a short report on the potential workplace technologies - free of charge and without obligation.

How important do you think the following types of collaboration are for your business?

Collaboration between teams in different locations

Cooperation from the home office

Cooperation in project teams

Cooperation with business partners

Cooperation with customers

Cooperation via E-Mail

Cooperation via messengers

To what extent do the following conditions apply to your company?

Work-life balance is very important in our company.

Our company is open to new things.

Flat hierachies exist in our company.

Our company is exposed to strong competitive pressure.

Many employees in our company work in constantly changing project teams.

Our company operates globally.

We use a variety of different software solutions and tools.

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