Advantages at a glance:

Range of application: Rooms with up to 10 persons or 18 metres in diameter

Cameras: 4K, 120° diagonal field of view, rigid lenses

Microphones: 16 microphone elements, 18 metres recording range,

Speakers: 18 metres loudspeaker range

Special features: noise cancelling, echo cancelling, DTEN OS software

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The DTEN ON is an all-in-one solution specially developed for zoom. In addition, the solution can be used by a simple plug-and-play principle.

The package includes the DTEN display with a 55-inch span. It is also 4 K and multi-touch capable.

The integrated camera is also 4 K capable and has a 120° field of view.

The microphones have a recording radius of up to 18 metres. This is made possible by the 16 integrated microphone elements. Noise-cancelling and echo cancelling are also integrated. These functions enable the filtering of disturbing ambient noise.

The loudspeakers also have a range of 18 metres and also offer the highest audio quality.

The whiteboard function allows you to communicate your ideas in conferences at any time. Several whiteboard pages can be edited and also saved.

The All-in-One device offers you everything you need for a video conference and is easy to set up with the plug-and-play principle.

A table stand is supplied with the solution. This also enables flexible use.

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