Advantages at a glance:

Range of application: Rooms with a diameter of up to 5 metres, suitable for single persons

Cameras: 3 integrated cameras and a 160° tilt angle

Microphones: 8 microphones, maximum 5 metres recording radius

Special features: Whiteboard features, DTEN OS software integrated

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The DTEN ME solution consists of a multi-touch screen, which can be used as a whiteboard or as a video conferencing system. The all-in-one solution, which consists of a multi-touch display, three integrated cameras and eight microphones, is high quality and elegant.

This display consists of a 27 inch screen in HD resolution. The camera system also has a 160° tilt angle and is used within a 5 meter radius. In addition, the audio system has a perfect recording quality within this radius.

An echo and noise reduction function is included in the unit.

The whiteboard function makes the unit practical to use and for taking notes during a conference. This device, which is equipped with the DTEN OS software, is practical for use at home and replaces many devices. It is best suited for your own workplace and especially for a single person.

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