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7. May 2018
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Poly Cameras
2. August 2019

Poly RealPresence Clariti

Poly RealPresence Clariti

Collaboration with Poly RealPresence Clariti

RealPresence Clariti is a software infrastructure that connects people through HD audio, content, video, and Web content. As a software-based solution, RealPresence Clariti provides a comprehensive collaboration infrastructure.


Organizations can deploy Poly Clariti either in the cloud or on corporate servers. Poly’s Hybrid Cloud Service provides smooth management of increased demand with additional capacity, on-demand.


RealPresence Clariti includes desktop, mobile, soft and web clients, with the ability to add standards-based endpoints accordingly. Extensive integration with leading UC applications such as Skype for Business makes it easy to join with just a click. Easy, plugin-free, web-based collaboration can be undertaken.


The simplified per user pricing enables realistic scalability across all company sizes. The Poly RealPresence Clariti offers different capacity options for different enterprise sizes. The straightforward licensing model is purchased either via a monthly fee or as a lifetime license and can be adapted to the needs of your company at any time.

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