Poly Realpresence Centro
Poly RealPresence Centro
24. April 2018
Poly RealPresence Clariti
Poly RealPresence Clariti
24. April 2018

Poly RealPresence Immersive Studio

Poly Immersive Studio

Advantages at a glance

  • The Poly Immersive Studio is a complete Room system for a completely realistic virtual environment: 5,5 Meters of a Videowall with 3x 2,10-meter displays integrated into a conclusive and complete room concept.
  • 4k-Ultra-HD Displays allows for awe-inspiring realism
  • Up to 21 Participants per room, who will be seen, regardless of where they are in the room, which means that they can move freely
  • Poly 3D Voice For extremely clear audio quality
  • Easy and flexible options for the sharing of content: The ability to show content on a separate 55” Monitor or the 2,10 Meter displays
  • Poly VisualBoard Technology: Annotation and the ability to comment on content, sharing with all locations
  • Poly SmartPairing Technology: Easy integration with your Tablets, Content sharing and the ability for working on the content from multiple locations
  • Interoperable With all standard-based videoconferencing systems and with Skype for Business.

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Poly Immersive Studio for decisions on a board level

Very important meetings need to be as lifelike and realistic as possible so that decisions can be made on a strong foundation and in a short amount of time. The technology has to work so that it is part of the background and creates a virtual reality.

Poly Immersive Studio is a specially developed immersive Video Conferencing and Collaboration environment, for which detail was perfected. The room in room design reduces the need to reconstruct the rooms and allows for a worldwide deployment at any location. Through this, you can experience a realistic virtual collaboration experience, where you forget about the technology behind the conference so that you can focus purely on the goals and agendas of your meetings.

The Poly Immersive Studio can also be maintained without any further expenditure. The user experience is intuitive and easy to understand. It also fits perfectly with the rest of your video conferencing and collaboration environments.

Through the interoperability of the solution with Skype for Business and all Standards-Based Video conferencing systems, the investment is also secure for the future. With the Poly Immersive Studio, you already have access to next-generation technology, for example, the 84” Ulta HD displays. This minimizes the cost of future upgrades, as you can activate new features and functionalities as soon as they become available.

With Poly Immersive Studio you have a solution that develops together with the development of new technologies       

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