Logitech Bundles for large Zoom Rooms


  • Logitech Rally Plus Kit
  • LogitechTap Touch-Controller
  • Windows-PC with pre-installed Zoom room software

Your Advantages

The Zoom and Logitech bundle for large rooms includes the Logitech Rally Plus Kit, which has the Rally Camera, two table microphones and a pair of speakers. This means that it is perfect for larger rooms (10+ participants).

The bundle includes all the required hardware components for you to be able to furnish your large meeting room. The PC which is included in the bundle has Zoom already pre-installed which means, that you do not have to spend any time installing and configuring the software. Also included in the big bundle is the Logitech Tap Touch controlling-device with built-in calendar integration, with which you can start your Zoom meetings with the touch of a button. As such, you can also share your content using the touch device

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