Poly Studio X70

Poly Studio X70

Advantages at a glance

  • Application: High-quality all-in-one solution for large meeting rooms
  • Camera: 4K 30 fps capable, 2 lenses with 7.3 digital zoom
  • Special features: Speakertracking, Groupframing, NoiseBlockAi and Acoustic Fence technology
  • Connectivity: Native Microsoft Teams & Zoom

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The new Poly Studio X70

The Poly Studio X70 all-in-one video bar delivers high-quality video conferencing for any medium or large conference room in a simple and elegant design.

The camera consists of 2 lenses, both of which are 4K capable and each has over 20 megapixels. This ensures excellent video as well as image quality. The wide-angle camera with a 140° degree lens and the narrow lens with a 120° degree shooting angle gives the system enough flexibility to adapt to any new situation.

The unique Poly DirectorAI system provides flexibility and automatically switches between the different cameras to ensure, that participants are always optimally framed

Poly DirectorAI Technology

Poly DirectorAI technology enables many new settings and functions. Through the system, functions such as auto framing and group framing are possible. Through the former, people are automatically focused when speaking. The group framing function makes it easy to focus on several people who are speaking at the same time in a meeting, for example.

With the Poly X70 we recommend using a  Poly TC8, a Poly Bluetooth remote control, a Poly Trio C60, in order to control the meetings more easily

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