11. June 2019
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11. June 2019

Skype for Business Video Conferencing Solutions

Professional video conferencing systems for Skype for Business: high video and audio quality for your meeting rooms

If you’re using Microsoft Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams in your business for video conferencing, you will need compatible systems to conduct high-quality professional video conferencing.

Native video conferencing systems for Skype for Business

With brilliant image quality and optimal acoustics, these room systems ensure a perfect and natural video conferencing experience. Vistafon offers several solutions that can connect natively to Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Interoperable video conferencing systems for Skype for Business

Alternatives to the natively connectable video conferencing solutions are video conferencing systems, which enable interoperability between standards-based video conferencing (H.323/SIP) and Skype for Business/Lync.

  • The solutions offered by Vistafon are compatible with Skype for Business deployed on Office 365 as well as on Skype for Business-On-Premise installation. Many of these solutions are already designed to work with Microsoft teams as well.

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Native Video Conference solutions for Skype for Business

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