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23. April 2018
1. March 2018

Teamline by Starleaf

The premium solution for Skype for Business rooms

Teamline is your provider when it comes to the topic of Skype for Business. From small rooms, up to big conference halls, Teamline provides you everything from the equipment up until the ability to maintain your Skype for Business rooms. With Teamline you can start your Skype for Business meetings with one click.  Using the one of a kind Maestro-Management platform, you can also reduce to complexity and cost involved with maintaining your systems. You will also always have control and visibility of all of your Teamline solutions.

Teamline Features:

  • Wireless content sharing, Touchscreen Controller, USB Camera and microphone
  • 4 cameras to choose from, covering every sized room. The systems also come with a one or two screen option
  • Native registration to Skype for Business and O365

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