Advantages at a glance:

  • Ease of use: High ease of use
  • Range of use: small/medium/large rooms
  • Special features: 3 adjustable settings, noise-cancelling, echo cancelling, own holder


The MXA910 is a ceiling microphone solution specifically certified for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco.

The units’ versatile mounting options make them completely room-independent. Combined with intelligible voice reproduction and comprehensive coverage for AV requirements, meetings, presentations and training sessions can be perfectly implemented. With its efficient design, the MXA910 has no interfering cables, making it easy to communicate freely.

The MXA910 is also scalable, allowing multiple MXA910 arrays to be connected for convenient coverage of large meeting rooms.

To this end, the solution is perfect for use with voice lift or camera tracking functions. The Voice Lift feature allows the intelligent system to capture and balance voices anywhere in the room with pinpoint accuracy.

The MXA910 is offered in two sizes (600 mm – adaptable to 625 mm or 609 mm) and in three colors (white, black, aluminum). In addition, it is possible to have the system individually painted for visual adaptation to the room.

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