Microflex Complete

Microflex Complete

Advantages at a glance:

  • Ease of use: simple plug-and-play principle, flexible combinations, compatible with other devices.
  • Range of application: very large rooms, up to 3,800 subscribers
  • Special features: Echo cancelling/ noise cancelling
  • Usage: Portable or fixed use possible

Microflex Complete

The Microflex Complete system offers you an elegant hardware and software solution in microphone form for any conference.

The solution is specifically designed to keep board meetings to international conferences on track and provide executives, as well as other meeting participants, with an efficient and effective experience.

The system itself is suitable for meetings of up to 3,800 participants. The individual microphones can be controlled by the participants or by the chairperson. The unit is combinable with Shure hardware, software and accessory options.

Special requirements such as voting, agenda, interpretation and identity checks can be achieved with ease using the Microflex Complete system. You benefit from a system that serves its purpose in almost any situation and always promises outstanding sound quality, powerful software and optimal integration.

The solution itself can be integrated everywhere due to the wide range of conference units, which are not only portable but also suitable for tabletop installation. The Shure CommShield technology integrated in the Microflex Complete System eliminates RF interference, which is emitted by smartphones, for example. This prevents interference in advance and allows a smooth meeting to take place.

The Microflex Complete solution is scalable and provides consistently high sound quality, whether in a boardroom or ballroom. Likewise, a high level of fail-safety is guaranteed by the redundant cable topology. This prevents a complete paralysis of the system in the event of a single problem and ensures the reliable running of a conference.

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