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The Meeting solution from Zoom allows you to bring all of your teams closer together. When you use Zoom, you can join from anywhere on any device at any time. This means that your teams are able to join a meeting from their PC or their mobile on the go.

Zoom does this through utilising HD video and audio across your meetings with support of up to 1000 video participants simultaneously and 49 Video streams on screen. This allows you to scale your meetings from 1 to 1 meetings all the way to company meetings, with the ability to be able to see all participants.

You can set up these meetings easily, using the built-in calendaring which supports Outlook, Gmail and other email providers.

The Built-in collaboration tools allow for multiple participants to share their screens and co-annotate. This allows for a more interactive meeting experience.

Even if some participants are unable to attend the Zoom software allows you to record your meetings locally or to the cloud and the service also includes searchable transcripts.

Outside the Video Calls, you can also allow your teams to utilize the chat features that Zoom has to offer. These features include integrated file sharing, 10 years of archiving and searchable history. Escalation calls can easily be started from the chat as well.

All these great features are wrapped in a highly secure environment, which can be controlled by the admins, to make sure that each user has the right amount of access.

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