Poly Studio P5

Poly Studio P5

Advantages at a glance 

  • Area of use: Office spaces and home-office
  • Camera: Full HD quality, 4x zoom, autofocus
  • Ease of use: Poly Lens desktop user-interface
  • Microphone: Integrated direct microphone
  • Connectivity: USB ports for microphones and headsets

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The new Poly Studio P5

  • The Poly Studio P5 is the new innovative webcam from Poly. It is perfect for the use in  a home office and for individuals in small office spaces. The camera is wired to ensure a high transmission rate for their video conferences.
  • The camera of the device has a full HD camera quality. The 4x zoom and built-in auto focus ensure a high-quality video transmission. The system has an 80-degree tilt angle and a 360-degree rotation radius. The Poly Studio P5 can be detached from the base, offering new flexibility in the office environment. For the security of users, there is a privacy screen that can be opened and closed by a slight rotation of the camera. This means that the camera cannot be used, without the user knowing.
  • The integrated microphone follows the voice of the speaker and frames the user in an optimal setting. The microphones built in technology filters out disturbing background noises, meaning that only the voice can be heard on the other side.
  • The solution is specially certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom. It can also be used with other applications however, that support USB/UVC cameras. Through the Poly Lens Desktop interface, you can save and manage individual settings of the camera. Through this app, updates can be downloaded to keep the device up to date.
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