Poly Studio E70

Poly Studio E70

Advantages at a glance 

  • Room size: Medium to large meeting rooms
  • Camera: Dual camera with 4K resolution and 20 megapixels each
  • Ease of use: Poly lens management, auto framing, group framing, smart microphones
  • Connectivity options: USB-C connection, POE connection, extra power connection possible.

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The new Poly Studio E70

The Poly Studio E70 video conferencing system offers excellent video quality thanks to its dual camera with 4K resolution each. The device has various additional functions such as auto framing and group framing. This makes the solution suitable for medium to large meeting rooms.

The camera consists of 2 lenses, which are both 4K capable and have 20 megapixels each. This ensures excellent video as well as image quality. The wide-angle camera with a 120° degree lens and the narrow lens with a 70° degree shooting angle gives the system enough flexibility to adapt to any new situation. The unique Poly DirectorAI system provides enough flexibility and automatically switches between the different cameras to always produce an optimal image.

Poly DirectorAI Technology

Poly DirectorAI technology enables many new settings and functions. Through the system, functions such as auto framing and group framing are possible. auto framing means, that the camera automatically focuses on the people that are speaking. The group framing function makes it easy to focus on several people who are speaking at the same time in a meeting, for example. When in a conference, both of the cameras are in use. This means that the other side will see the active speaker, as well as a smaller picture in picture view of the entire room.

In the Future: It will be possible to count participants via the Poly DirectorAI technology. A CO2 /VOC sensor will measure the oxygen content to ensure a hygienic environment.

For security reasons, the camera has an automatic shutter, that comes into use when the system is not being used for a conference.

The solution can be mounted on the top and bottom of a display. We recommend combining the solution with an audio conferencing system, as the Poly Studio E70 does not have its own speakers or  microphones.

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