Poly CX7000
Poly CX7000
2. March 2018
Poly Realpresence Centro
Poly RealPresence Centro
24. April 2018

Poly CX5500

Advantages at a glance

  • Area of Application: Small to medium conference rooms
  • Camera: 360° camera with 1080p video resolution
  • Microphony: One or more powerful Poly MicArray
  • Special features: Native connection of the system to Skype for Business

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Your conference room as a 360° panorama experience

The Poly CX5500 brings a unique experience to the users of Skype for Business. It does this through allowing you to utilise your whole room through its one of a kind 360° camera.

The built in smart features means that the camera shows the active speaker and it intuitively follows the flow of a conversation. Other participants recieve a unique view of the person speaking as well as an overview of the entire room.

HD Voice technology, as well as the dynamic audio range, means that the CX5500 can also be used to place voice-only calls via IP. This means, that you no longer need to worry about provisioning a second conference phone.  The 6 meter pickup range means that you can easily be heard, even in the back of the room. If your room requires, even more, you can add additional expansion microphones to greatly enhance the range.

The CX5500 has been optimised so that it is easy to use, and with its plug and play functionality, it requires little to no training.

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