Neat Pad

Neat Pad

Advantages at a glance

  • Area of application: In combination with Neat Board and Neat Bar, any room size
  • Speakers: Integrated speakers
  • User-friendliness: Auto Log In/ Log Out
  • Microphones: 2 integrated microphones
  • Special features: Auto Log In/ Log Out, Kensington lock, controller or scheduling device, POE function (2 in 1 cable)

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The Neat Pad

This Neat Pad is an elegant touch screen to use as a controller inside your zoom room or also as a scheduling device outside the meeting room. That product is suitable for use with a neat board or neat pad and is therefore independent of the number of people.

Included in the package is the neat pad and accessories, as well as a mount adapter, side mount and also a wall mount. The solution device has an 8-inch touch screen in HD resolution. Additionally, the device has also 2 integrated microphones and speakers.

Ambient light sensors are also included. For security reasons, a Kensington lock is also inside the box.

The Neat Pad has an Auto Log In/ Auto Log Out system, which means that as soon as you enter your meeting room, the system activates itself, turns on the monitor in the conference room and is ready for use. When you leave the room, the unit will release the meeting and log you out. The device indicates whether the conference room is occupied or is also available by means of green and red LED display.

This Neat Pad can be used as a zoom controller or as a scheduling device. The Zoom Controller can be used to control the system in a meeting and to mute participants, for example. The meeting room can be booked in Scheduling Device mode.

In controller mode, the Neat Pad allows the meeting to be started quickly and the screen to be shared. Participants can be invited or muted if required. These meetings can also be recorded using this mode. Even when using non-zoom devices, the system can be easily introduced and offers certain additional functions.

Upgrades and updates are applied and possible threats are prevented by the closed system.

The bar and pad are both equipped with POUs, so instead of two cables, only one is needed for power and simultaneous network supply.

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