Cisco Room Kit Pro

Cisco Room Kit Pro

Advantages at a glance

  • Area of application: large to very large video conference rooms
  • Camera: 1080p 60fps video resolution, 5x digital zoom plus three telephoto lenses, 83° horizontal field of view
  • Microphony: Integrated microphones, optionally up to eight additional external microphones
  • Collaboration: Desktop or content sharing (also on second display), interface to Cisco Webex Teams App
  • Special features: Integrated speakers, framing function, speaker tracking function

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The Cisco Room Kit Pro is a solution specially designed for large and custom rooms. You can purchase the Pro in three different options:

  • Room Kit Pro: Codec Pro, Quad Camera and Touch 10
  • Room Kit Pro Precision 60: Codec Pro, Precision 60 Camera, and Touch 10
  • Codec Pro: Codec only

Each one comes with its benefits and can be adjusted so that they fit the unique requirements of your room.  Whatever version you decide to go with, you still get the same features that you would expect from the other room kits.

With the Cisco Room Kit Pro, you have the option to dual stream 4k content across multiple devices and across up to 3 screens. This can be done either via wireless connection or via a cable.

The solution features built-in smart analytics, that allows you to see reports on the useage of your rooms. These smart features expand across other areas, such as speaker tracking, automatic noise surpression and automatic framing.

With the Cisco Room Kit Pro you can also deploy either on-premise on in the cloud, which means that you can be sure that the solution will work in any future environments you might choose.

The solution itself brings the ability for up to 6 simutaneous video inputs which can be combined across the 3 outputs. Therefore allowing you to be able to show selected rooms from multiple angles/views.

In conclusion, this is the perfect solution for anyone looking to expand their video conferencing into their larger and more complex rooms.

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