Poly Trio 8800

Poly Trio 8800

Trio 8800 – The Audio conferencing companion

The Poly Trio 8800 is the smart room for your audio conference rooms. Combining the legendary voice quality of all their previous systems together with Video and content capabilities. As such, the Trio 8800 is perfect for rooms of all sizes and provides you with a fantastic collaboration solution.

As such, the microphone features an impressive 6m radius for HD-quality which can be expanded using expansion microphones. The system also has many built in features, such as Poly NoiseBlock and enhanced HD voice. This stops you and the far-end from wasting time trying to understand each other or being distracted by outside noise.

You can also use your personal device in combination with the Trio 8800. This allows you to easily switch a call on your mobile phone to an audio conference call where everyone can participate.

The sleek 5” display provides you with an intuitive platform where you can control meetings, change settings and join/dial into conferences. As such, meetings that have been scheduled can be joined at the touch of a button. From here you can also easily share your content either wirelessly or through a cable,

Thanks to the open SIP you can easily connect the Trio 8800 to other leading manufacturers solution, such as: BlueJeans, WebEx and Zoom. Or you can enjoy multiple platforms at once, thanks to the hybrid registration options.

For businesses looking to expand into the world of Video, the Trio 8800 comes with several different camera options for you to explore.

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