Microflex Complete Wireless

Microflex Complete Wireless

Advantages at a glance:

  • Ease of use: Simple operation options, fast setup.
  • Field of application: Meetings in rooms with flexible seating arrangements
  • Special features: up to 11 hours runtime, wireless connection, only 4 hours charging time

Microflex Complete Wireless

The Microflex Complete Wireless is a microphone solution that is especially characterized by its quick and easy setup. The system is particularly suitable for rooms where cables are not an option. It fits seamlessly into any room layout and offers excellent sound quality.

The quick and easy setup makes this solution perfect to use in a hectic business day to start a conference on short notice and in a few simple steps.

The solution is scalable for 25 up to 125 participants. Thus the system with its broad spectrum is perfectly applicable for every conference scenario. Here, a conference unit can serve as chairman, delegate or listener.

The color touch screen is used to organize voting and speaker options, and the individual microphones can also be controlled by the participants or the chairperson.

RF interference, such as that emitted by smartphones, can negatively impact meetings by creating noise and signal dropouts. The Microflex Complete Wireless detects interference and automatically blocks and fades it out to prevent any interruptions in time and ensure a problem-free meeting.

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