Advantages at a glance:

User-friendliness: easy to use
Application area: Medium rooms
Special features: Multiple and easy connection options


Large conference and congress installations demand a lot from modern wireless systems. As a solution, the ULX-D wireless system is a secure, scalable and robust choice that more than meets all digital challenges.

The solution includes 24-bit audio resolution to provide clear sound reproduction.

With the wireless workbench SystemOn it is possible to control the system and combine it with third-party products.

It is possible to use up to 22 systems simultaneously at a frequency of 8 MHz.
To ensure that confidential information remains confidential, radio transmission is encrypted according to AES-256.

ULX-D transmitters work either with AA batteries or rechargeable solutions, for continuous operation of up to 9 hours. The battery and charging status can be remotely monitored using Shure software.

The system is easy and flexible to use in your environment.

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