Starleaf GT 3351

Starleaf GT 3351

Advantages at a glance

  • Area of application: large to very large video conference rooms, auditoriums, theatres
  • Camera: 1080p60 video resolution, 12x optical zoom, 71° horizontal field of view, up to two additional cameras
  • Microphony: Two XLR as microphone inputs with phantom power
  • Collaboration: Desktop or content sharing (also on a second display), interface to the Starleaf App
  • Special features: Compatible with Skype for Business, Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom, H.323, SIP and phones

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The Starleaf GT 3351 combines usability with its high-quality HD Video. The combination of the GT3351 Codec together with the Starleaf phone creates the perfect solution for any room.

Starleafs GT 3351 codec supports up to three cameras in total, meaning that you can cover every aspect of even the largest room. The cameras themselves really create an immersive experience, thanks to its Full-HD quality. As such, the 71° view provides a wide viewing angle.

You can also share your content easily using the device. You can choose between a wired connection or wireless content sharing. This means, that you can make sure that you communicate more efficiently within your teams and not have to worry about the device that you are sharing from.

The GT 3351 supports up to two additional microphones, which means that you can make sure that your users can be heard from anywhere in the room. As such the meeting is controlled through the intuitive to use Touchscreen hub, which also shows you your upcoming meetings and availability.

In terms of connectivity, the Starleaf GT 3351 integrates seamlessly with Skype for Business and O365. It also supports connections to other systems via H.323.

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