Sony PCS-XC1

Sony PCS-XC1

Advantages at a glance

  • A scalable solution adapted to your needs
  • Manufacturer-independent consulting because Vistafon is a certified partner of all major manufacturers
  • Simple usability of the systems increases user acceptance in the company
  • Low installation costs: your IT admins will be delighted
  • Purchase and rental options

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The Sony PCS-XC1 is an all-in-one solution that has been designed to be portable, as well as wireless. This means that you can take meetings on-the-go or also use it in any of your meeting rooms quickly.

The system however still packs a punch thanks to its HD (720p) camera. This can however be upgraded to deliver 1080p (Full HD) conferencing, through an optional license. As such, this is something that is underpinned by many built in features. These include:

Intelligent QoS (Quality of Service) which makes sure that you have fewer dropped frames and frozen pictures.

A built-in technology, that helps to keep the picture clear, even in tough conditions called the View-DR Technology. The camera itself features a highly sensitive Exmore CMOS image sensor, which helps provide a bright picture even on bad days or in badly lit rooms.

High efficiency thanks to the Sony PCS-XC1 supporting the H.264 video coding scheme.

All of this is underpinned by a high audio quality, thanks to the solutions echo cancelling PCS-A1 microphone.

For the important meetings you can also make sure to record directly to USB, which means that you can view and share the video, audio and content when and where you need it.

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