Huddly IQ

Huddly IQ

Advantages at a glance

  • Area of application: High-quality Webcam for Huddle rooms and Medium meeting rooms
  • Camera: 1080p 30FPS and UHD 4k 30FPS
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all apps, that use standard USB i.e. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco WebEx.
  • Special features: 150° diagonal view, 3D Noise reduction, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Camera with smart analytics

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The Huddly IQ is the perfect smart solution for huddle-rooms and smaller meeting rooms. It combines the features of its brother the Huddly Go and expands on them.
It features the same 150° field of view and the same 4x Optical pan tilt and zoom.

The areas where the Huddly IQ comes into its own is in the quality of picture, thanks to its Full-HD 1080p camera. As such the system offers many built in features, that also enhance the quality. These include: Optical aberration correction, Low latency video processing and high-quality scaling, 3D Noise reduction and dewarping.

If this was not enough, the Huddly IQ also has Dynamic Light Optimisation, which means that you can still use the system even in the most challenging environments.

However, where the Huddly IQ really sets itself apart is with its built in AI technology, that allows you to truly enhance your meetings. The IQ offers Genius Framing, which means that it automatically detects users in a room and smoothly adjusts the picture so that all users are perfectly shown on the far end.

The system also has built in Analytics, thanks to Huddly inSights, where the IQ can detect and count people that it can see and then gives you feedback on how the room is being used. What this means, is that you can track user adoption and utilisation from each room.

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