Huddly Go

Huddly Go Camera

Advantages at a glance

  • Area of Application: High-quality Webcam, for laptops and Huddle-rooms
  • Camera: 720p 30FPS HD resolution, 3x digital zoom, 120° horizontal view
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all Apps, that support Standard USB: I.e. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, WebEx, etc.
  • Special Features: 150° diagonal view, 3D Noise reduction

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The Huddly Go is a compact all-in-one camera designed for huddle-rooms and smaller meeting rooms. With its 150° Camera, the Huddly Go can capture your users perfectly, even in the tightest environments. With a HD camera and 720p 30fps resolution the Go also features fantastic quality of picture.

It also has many built-in features that allow you to have easier and more fluid meetings which helps with user-adoption and acceptance. These features include dynamic light optimisation, visual noise filtering and real-time dewarping. What this means is, that the Huddly Go is constantly making sure that the image quality you send and receive is of crystal-clear quality.

The Huddly Go is however not just a static camera. Thanks to its wide-angle view and unique design, it can Pan/Tilt and Zoom and can do this up to 4x digitally. This allows you to make sure that everyone in the room can be seen and are in the optimal framing.

Huddly’s Go camera also makes the workload of your admins easier, this is thanks to the fact that it has self-upgrading software, which means that your solutions always have the latest and most cutting-edge software on them.

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