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Cisco Share

Advantages at a glance

The Cisco Webex Share enables high-quality wireless screen sharing from any HDMI connected display. Connected to the Webex cloud, the Cisco Webex Share transforms any display into a Webex device, this means that you can join a meeting and share your content both inside and outside of the meeting.

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The Cisco Webex Share allows your to share your content at an affordable price. It allows you to connect to any display without the need for any cables or dongles.

You can decide if you want to share your entire screen or a specific app with one click using Webex Meetings or Webex Teams. Sharing is done Wirelessly however depending on your preferences the built-in USB-C port can also be used for connectivity. There is also a ultrasonic emitter for proximity pairing.

The Solution also allows you to connect with remote users, as it allows any member of the meeting to share content, regardless of if they are in the meeting or not.

The Webex Share recognises when you walk into the room. And then automatically displays the calendar schedule for the day.

With built in management tools and analytics the devices are easily provisioned. They can also be tracked in order to understand where the business might need to be scaled or where the solution might not be adopted.

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