Cisco Room Kit Mini

Advantages at a glance

  • Area of application: Small video conferencing rooms
  • Camera: 1080p 60fps video resolution, 2x digital zoom, 120° horizontal field of view
  • Microphony: Integrated Microphones
  • Collaboration: desktop or content sharing, interface to the Cisco Webex Teams App
  • Special features: Integrated loudspeakers, framing function

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The Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini: offers a solution specifically designed with huddle-rooms in mind. However, it still offers many of the features expected from solutions designed for large meeting rooms.

With built in AI technology, the Room Kit Mini analyses your meetings and gives you feedback, which means that you can see how the users use and interact with your meeting rooms. The solution has other useful features, like automatic framing and noise suppression, which create a more relaxed and interactive environment for users. APIs and macros allow you to personalise the meetings just the way that you want.

The Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini also supports dual content sharing in 4k. This means that you can easily collaborate with other users in fantastic quality and bring your meetings to life. The 1080p 60fps video resolution creates a crystal clear picture for all of your users.

Controlling the meeting is done via the Touch 10 Controller, which offers you a fantastic and intuitive centre of control.

You can also integrate the solution with all cloud providers, utilising its USB passthrough feature. As such you can deploy either on premise or in the cloud, meaning that you can utlisise existing infrastructure.

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