Cisco DX80

Cisco DX80

Advantages at a glance

  • Area of application: desktop workstation, home office
  • Camera: 1080p 30fps video resolution, 63° horizontal field of view
  • Microphony: Integrated Microphone
  • Collaboration: Desktop or content sharing, interface to the Cisco Spark App
  • Special features: codec, camera, 23” display and integrated speakers

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The Cisco DX80 is the perfect solution for collaborating via your PC or Mac. The solution is designed, so that you no longer need to connect multiple solutions at once in order to conference. With its 23” display and full-HD resolution you can easily hold crystal clear meetings from home or in huddle-rooms.

The solution also features a built-in IP phone, which means that you also don’t need to worry about an additional table-phone taking up space on your desk.

The DX80 also features a built-in touch-display, which allows for enhanced collaboration. This is especially true when wanting to use whiteboarding functionality and it easily integrates with existing Solutions such as Webex Teams. Here you can also easily share and send information and files with other meeting participants or save them to be used for later on.

The screen and camera are moveable, which means that you have greater functionality when it comes to document sharing and content sharing.

The solution also has a great ease-of-use through its one touch dial functionalities, which integrates with most calendar tools.

Thanks to it plug and play design the DX80 is easily installed and can be flexibly integrated either in an on-premise or cloud environment

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