Poly G40-T


Advantages at a glance 

  • Range of application: Small/medium rooms.
  • Connection options: Via HDMI Mini (content input) and USB 3.1 Type A as well as  a PIR motion sensor.
  • Microphones: Noise-blocking technology, speaker tracking.
  • Content: Poly GC8 + Lenovo ThinkSmart (Mini PC) + Poly Studio

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The new Poly G40-T

  • The  Poly G40-T bundle consists of a Poly GC8 (touch panel), Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny (Mini PC) and a Poly Studio (USB Video-Soundbar) as well as an USB fibre-optic cable (10 m). With its high quality video and audio quality, the bundle is perfect for small to medium rooms.
  • The Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny PC has Microsoft Teams already pre-installed on it and is also used as the control-unit for the camera and the touch panel. The PC also includes further ports, which can be used to attach additional microphones and speakers, The meetings are controlled using the Poly GC8 touch panel, helping to create a seamless meeting experience.
  • The built-in microphones of the Poly Studio have an optimal range of up to 3,5 meters, in which participants are heard in crystal clear quality. You can also attach addtional microphones to the bundle in order to increase the radius in which people are understood.
  • The Poly Studio system has built-in speakers, that deliver a very high quality sound and fill a room with lifelike sounds. Additionaly the system comes with built in technology, which recognises disturbing background noises and filters therese out. The camera of the Poly Studio boasts 4k resolution, making the picture the other side sees crystal clear.
  • A further special feature of the Poly Studio are the functions called speaker tracking and auto framing. This means, that the active speakers is tracked and kept in focus, while all other participants are put into an optimal framing. This autoframing also means, that the active speaker is also always put in the best frame as well.
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