StarLeaf Cloud

The advantages of the StarLeaf Cloud:

The Starleaf Cloud allows you to connect all your teams. Be it users in small huddle spaces all the way to large meeting rooms and auditoriums. This means that all these connected rooms can communicate, share, present and discuss at the same time and fully collaborate.

Starleafs Cloud solution takes the collaborative approach one step further through allowing your teams to communicate together via Chat. You can easily escalate your chat into a Video call if required giving you complete flexibility.

As such, the Starleaf Cloud is highly interoperable and can be used together with many of the leading solutions such as Zoom, Cisco, Lifesize and Poly.

For the most important meetings Starleaf offers you the option to record your meetings, for scenarios such as training videos. It captures the Video, Audio and content in HD quality, and you can then decide to either download or share the file in order to review it in the future.

The Starleaf Cloud also offers you a high degree of customization through the Admin Controls, where you can check devices, update settings and provision new rooms on a global scale from a single console.

The Starleaf solution is also secure under European law, what this means is, that a lot of vendors struggle to provide security under the US Patriot Act. Thanks to the fact that Starleaf is a European country and due to its 12 Global Data Centres, three of which are in Europe. It does not need to comply to US Law.

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