Advantages at a glance:

Area of application: rooms up to 5 metres in diameter
Camera: 3 cameras with Full HD resolution, 160° horizontal field of view
Microphones: 8 microphones, 5-meter detection radius
Speakers: Integrated high-quality speakers
Special features: easy operation, echo and noise reduction

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The collaboration solution for Zoom

DTEN offers powerful electronic whiteboards optimised for zoom. The DTEN D7 is an all-in-one solution and is available in 2 versions. One with a 55-inch span and the other in a 75-inch span version.

The DTEN D7 package includes the display, which is 4K and multi-touch capable.

The integrated camera is also 4K capable and has a diagonal field of view of 86°. The lenses are fixed and can also be tilted 15°. The microphones consist of 16 elements. Echo and noise cancelling are also integrated.

The audio system consists of 2 high quality stereo speakers.

The DTEN D7 is also supplied with a table stand for flexible use of the solution.

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