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Trio 8500 – Perfect for O365

The Poly Trio 8500 has been specifically designed to make your conference calls easy and high quality. As such it has also been designed specifically for rooms utilising O365. This provides users with an intuitive to use display that looks and feels the same as 0365. This means that you also have a one-touch-join calendar integration directly to the system.

The system however also features hybrid registration, which means that you can use it with other leading solutions such as: BlueJeans, WebEx and Zoom.

With a 4,3m pickup the Trio 8500 is a great solution for small to medium rooms. However, it can be expanded with microphones, to increase the radius and room size it is suited for. The audio quality of audio is still the standard high quality that we are used to from Poly. With HD Voice and Poly Acoustic Clarity technology the Trio 8500 delivers crystal clear audio.

For busy environments or busy meetings, the Trio 8500 features the patented Poly NoiseBlock technology, which automatically detects non-human noises and mutes your microphones as a result. What this means is, that you can focus on the meeting and not be distracted by outside noises.

For businesses looking to expand into the world of Video, the Trio 8500 comes with several different camera options for you to explore.

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