Poly IP 7000

Poly IP 7000

The Poly IP 7000 – the bestseller

The Poly IP 7000 is the bestselling audio-conferencing solution from Poly. It offers you the ideal solution for different rooms, be it a conference room, single office or boardroom.

The colour screen and sleek design mean that the system is easy to use and importantly install. This means that you can deploy and scale without the need of a lot of recourses. The system also features three-party conferencing features and LDAP directory integration.

As such the Poly IP 7000 delivers an extremely high quality of Audio. This is thanks to the build in HD Voice technology. The system also features echo cancelling features as well as being able to eliminate distraction drop-outs. All of this helps your users to focus on the meeting and avoid meeting fatigue.

The IP 7000 can also be flexibly deployed, thanks to the fact that it can support additional expansion microphones, which can be used to expand the already large 6,1m radius in which people are understood.

If this is not enough you can also daisy-chain the solution. This means connecting more than one IP 7000 together in order to increase the loudness and microphone pickup.

For businesses looking to expand into the world of Video, the IP 7000 can be connected directly to the Poly Group series, for a richer and more integrated experience.

The direct successors to the IP 7000 are also available in the form of the Trio Series.

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