Lifesize Phone HD

Lifesize Phone HD

Lifesize Phone HD – Enhance your Video Conferencing

The Lifesize Phone HD has been designed to simplify your meeting room experience. It does this through letting you control all aspects of a meeting through the intuitive touch-screen screen. As such you can control the Video (pan/tilt/zoom) search the directory and manage the meeting. It is also highly customisable, which means that you can adapt the Phone HD to your individual requirements.

If the far-end is also using a Lifesize solution you can control their camera as well. This can be helpful if the other end does not realise that they cannot be seen.

As such the microphone features 360° technology, which helps steer the focus to the active speaker and integrates into the camera. The audio output is also enhanced with many built-in features. For the larger meeting rooms, the Phone HD features optional extension microphones. These can enhance the audio pickup significantly especially in the hard to reach places in some rooms.

The system features a full integration with O365, G Suite calendars and as such, the meetings are displayed on the screen, ready for you to click and join.

One of the important things to remember with the Phone HD is that it is not a Stand-alone device and as such it needs to be paired together with a Lifesize Video system.

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