Lifesize Icon 600

Lifesize Icon 600

Advantages at a glance

  • Area of application: medium and large conference rooms
  • Camera: 1080p60 video resolution, 10x optical zoom, 70° horizontal field of view
  • Microphony: Powerful Lifesize Phone HD with integrated touch panel for intuitive usage, optional two additional Digital MicPods microphones can be connected to the Phone HD
  • Dual Display: Connection of 2 displays for parallel full-screen output of video conference counterpart and presentation is possible
  • Special features: Speaker integrated into Phone HD for impressive audio quality

Powerful and intuitive to use

The Lifesize Icon 600 is the perfect solution for your larger meeting rooms. Featuring the Lifesize Camera 10X as well as the Phone HD, it delivers your meetings in crystal clear video and audio quality.

The Lifesize Camera 10x captures the meeting in Full-HD and the camera is incredibly flexible thanks to its pan/tilt/zoom capabilities. As such you can also control the camera using the Phone HD. Here you also have the option to pre-set areas for the camera to automatically focus on.

The Icon 600 has been designed to be easy to use. With its plug and play design it takes minutes to set up and seconds to place a call. The system also supports dual screen connectivity, which means that you can share your content without having to worry about sacrificing the integrity of the face-to-face communication with your team.

For the larger rooms the Icon 600 features two additional expansion inputs, meaning that you can expand the voice pickup coverage in even the most challenging rooms.

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