Huddly Canvas

Huddly Canvas

Advantages at a glance

Application: High-quality camera for whiteboards
Camera: 1080p HD resolution with 12 megapixels, 120° horizontal field of view
Special features: Automatic white balancing and color correction, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom certified.

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The new Huddly Canvas

The Huddly Canvas is a compact, high-quality camera designed for use on whiteboards. The camera has the ability to capture, clearly display and store notes and drawings through its intelligent system.

With its unique camera software, it has the ability to recognize written notes on whiteboards, share them in video conferences and record them. The solution is 1080p HD capable, providing excellent resolution.

With automatic white balancing, individual colors are detected with crystal clarity and corrected if necessary. The horizontal viewing distance is also 120° degrees so that any whiteboard is perfectly captured regardless of size.

The solution is also Microsoft Teams and Zoom certified.

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