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Cisco Webex Teams is the perfect solution for companies that are looking to combine their existing communication platforms. Using its all tools, all the time, everywhere approach, it unites all of your teams in one place. With Cisco Webex Teams, you don’t just improve the communication of your internal teams, but also promote more effective meetings, faster decision making, and easier engagement with experts. As such, 90% of companies have agreed that the solution increases the collaboration within internal and external members of the organisations. The Webex Teams App does this by combining the three main components of communication, which are, Video conferencing, team messaging, and cloud telephony.


  • Video conferencing allows you to join a conference from any device, be it your Mobile phone, tablet or pc. The Cisco Webex Teams App also lets you share content during the meeting and send and receive files. The solution also integrates with existing calender tools, such as Outlook, making it easy to send meeting requests on the go.
  • Team messaging allows you to create virtual rooms, where you can invite participants via email. Here you can discuss project specific ellements, save send and receive data and work on them together. The solution also integrates with many existing tools such as Jira, Salesforce, Github, Trello, Box.
  •  Telephony allows you to join meetings using your standard phone or your smartphone. You can synchronise your contacts and call-history with all of your devices.

Cisco Webex Teams offers a fantastic all-round solution and gives your teams the ability to work together and collaborate. Regardless of where they are and what they are using.

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