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Poly Camera comparison.

One strong advantage of the Poly cameras is that you can use them with multiple systems, which means that you need to know which camera is best suited for which environment. To give you an idea, we have summarized the camera’s strengths below. In case you need further information, feel free to get in touch.


EagleEye IV Camera

  • The EagleEye IV Camera was specially designed for the RealPresence Group Series. As such, it is available in a 4x or 12x Zoom variant and is best used in medium to large meeting rooms. The EagleEye IV Camera can also be used together with the EagleEye Director II  
 EagleEye Acoustic  

  • The EagleEye Acoustic has a Full-HD resolution as well as a 2x Zoom camera and is best used in small huddle rooms or a home office. With a built-in microphone, the camera is easy to use and can be installed with little effort.   
EagleEye IV USB  

  • The EagleEye IV USB is perfect for the use together with the Trio 8800. Designed for medium to large meeting rooms, the EagleEye IV USB takes the same features from the original, such as the 12x Zoom and pan-zoom capabilities.   
Poly EagleEye Mini

  • The Poly EagleEye Mini is a USB-based camera, which allows you to have your conferences in high quality, over the Trio 8800 or the VVX 501/600 series Telephones.  
EagleEye Cube

  • With a 5x zoom and a 4k-sensor, for improved close-up quality, the EagleEye Cube is best used in small huddle rooms and meeting rooms. The camera also has automatic framing and a 120° view and with two integrated microphones, you will always be well understood.   
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